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The end of the year is near! (Don’t rub it in if you are already on summer break!) The seniors have graduated and the underclassmen are struggling to maintain their enthusiasm. I needed to put the learning in their hands since they’ve already taken the final exam. They chose “Celebrations” as the topic and we modified the JCPS unit goals together. Also they want to do projects to show everything they have learned.

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To model, I am using the American holidays to discuss in class in Spanish. I still pick a daily goal, model it, and try to play some kind of game. I’ve found that students WANT to learn something new each day. Otherwise, why come to school?

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Each student has picked a Hispanic celebration to research and share. I gave them this “guide” above to help them create a well-rounded project. The “bonus” is for something above and beyond like recreating an activity (throwing red water balloons for the Tomatina) or bringing a traditional food. After I model a goal, they do that for their project. The students picked a variety of ways to present. Here are a few:

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Padlet – Basically it is a wall to collect websites, photos and videos. Then people can comment. I like the interpersonal touch. I am still learning about this one, but I think it has a lot of potential. (website and app)

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck – This is similar to PowerPoint, but so visually appealing! The artwork is inspiring. (website and free app)


Pinterest – I love this Bloom’s Taxonomy of Pinterest. They can create a board with all their research and add captions in the target language. (website and free app)

imovieiMovie – This creates a movie from photos and clips. I really like the templates that are included. (paid app)

There are MANY other ways for them to present their information in a new, fun way. I hope this project helps the students leave with a product that represents their language learning and they are proud of!

Idea #27: Sock Puppets make speaking FUN!


My husband Chris is the shyest person on Earth. Seriously! We’ve had some “thrilling” dinner conversations about his school. He basically only liked the parts where he worked alone. French class… he’d rather take a 0 than speak in front of a class. When I lesson plan, I try to think about the shy student. How can I get them talking comfortably? Skits? That’s really pushing it. Record them speaking on camera? Better, but still unnerving. Sock puppets? YES!!

This is a free iPad app where the students record their voice to moving sock puppets. They pick how many puppets, the background, the props, and then they distort their voice. If they choose two puppets, they can have a conversation with each other. They are so excited to show off their creations. :) I am going to use them tomorrow as an interpretive listening activity.

No iPads? Try

This is an example of the instructions I gave them:


Idea #7: Don’t teach. Let them learn.

Students don’t have to learn EVERYTHING from their teacher!

Challenge: Make your next lesson one with NO teaching! Lead students to the right places and let them learn independently!

Check out great AUTHENTIC websites like  that show the language IN CONTEXT! Use it at the beginning of a shopping or clothing unit. When students figure out what a new words means on their own it leaves a much more lasting impression than when they are given translations on a vocab list!

Plus, great opportunties to discuss currency differences and compare and contrast Spanish vs. American culture!

SHOPPING ONLINE – it’s hands-on, real world, and FUN!

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