Here is a collection of posts about using independent learning stations (aka centers) in class. Enjoy!

One Solution: Stations

Game Station

Writing Station

Conversation/Feedback Station

Accountability at Stations

Solving Station Issues

Wrapping Up about Stations

8 thoughts on “Stations

  1. I need to know how much language students need to have before starting stations? How many lessons would one need to teach before introducing stations to a level 1 class? Please reply soon. I am trying to place station work into my long range plans.

        • You will need to plan appropriate tasks. I would not ask a student to pronounce or speak. Remember how languages are acquired and the silent period is important. Here are some first week stations I would do: recognizing cognates, sorting activities (maybe is is a greeting or goodbye), listening to “Me voy” by Julieta Venegas and highlighting activity, playing an app, fly swatter game, picking Spanish name, a map identifying app/activity, matching questions and answers, making an emotion poster and labeling it in language, etc.
          Stations are meant to let students learn in small groups, instead of sitting in a teacher-directed lesson. I especially like them for the beginning of the year. Students get a chance to know each other, get comfortable. Also the goals are usually short mini lessons which make nice stations.
          If I didn’t answer your question, let me know. I may not understand your exact concern.
          Also don’t be afraid to try it! Those student questions may happen, but that’s ok. Take it as feedback and improve from there. Trust me, I’ve had many of those moments. Once it happened during an observation. The activity was too hard for the students’ proficiency level. My admin discussed it with me, I used the students’ feedback and had an even better activity in the end. Teaching is an art and each of us create our masterpieces a little different, and that’s ok. Do what feels right for you, and more importantly your students!

          • Thank you! These are great suggestions. I just needed a few specific ideas to jog my thinking. I may have a few questions later. Thanks again!

  2. Hey! Question: What twitter accounts do you follow to get the tweets you use for your stations? I am having a hard time figuring out which ones I should follow to get relevant tweets! Thanks for all you do!

    • I just use the search bar instead of a specific person. If I need something about let’s say New Year’s, I would use the following terms (at different times): año nuevo, 12 uvas, campanadas, festejar, noche vieja, etc.

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