Idea #77: Where’s the club?

If you want them to talk in the target language, then they need a purpose. Pair and information gap activities are my favorites to get them chatting. For the Around Town unit, there is an interpersonal goal about asking and telling where places are located. Previously we have learned left/right/in front/behind using TPR with a little dancing (Sigue el líder) and the LRC game (previous post). Also we are doing the preposition rhyme to start class each day this week. On youtube, we watched Elmo running around while singing about prepositions. Now they get a chance to put it all together and do something with the language.


One student has a completed map. The other student has the cut out pictures and a blank map. Model a few ways to complete it with them first. Then set them free! They have to complete the map only by talking. Some asked “Where is the ___?” and others asked “What is to the left of the ___?” I heard lots of “repeat please” and “here??” in Spanish. One said she liked the activity because she didn’t have to write anything down. :) Later we will use the same map to give and follow simple driving directions.

You can download the activity here:
Map Activity File
FYI: It’s not fancy because I wanted a copy-friendly document.

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4 thoughts on “Idea #77: Where’s the club?

  1. Hi, great activity! Thank you for sharing your materials! Last year I made a similar town scene for a partner activity. Both partners had a town scene but they were not identical. They also had true-false statements on their paper that they had to read to their partner. Their partner checked their map and said whether the statement was true or false. I used the same basic map for partners A and B but moved some things around, so they could use the maps as a same-different activity by making up their own sentences about their maps.

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