Exit Slip? Check!



I am one of those nomadic cart teachers that leaves a Spanish sign everywhere I go. I spend a lot of time reorganizing the cart and eliminating excess papers. I saw a wonderful exit slip idea from one of my room sisters Ivonne. She has stacks of exit slips, ready to go, already cut out, with different questions. Whenever she doesn’t have a specific exit question, she uses those. I’ll admit that I don’t have a closing every day, and I know I need one. I fell in love with this idea, but having all those little papers on the cart is one more thing to organize…


I took hers plus some of my own and made a Keynote Presentation (PowerPoint). I have a stack of blank quarter pieces of papers in one stack on my cart. Now I can pass out those papers, or tell them to use their own paper. Then I choose which slide fits the day’s lesson and it’s ready! This has helped me stay organized, be prepared with a daily exit slip and be able to adjust the exit slip quickly.

Ivonne’s original slips:


How do you do exit slips?






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6 thoughts on “Exit Slip? Check!

  1. One thing that I have added to my students exit slips, self reflections … is what their plan to improve is. This helps them take responsibility for their learning. (you can put some suggestions in like- I plan to text my friend in class asking and answering questions in Spanish/use quizlet / study flash cards / google the concept on line for more input….

  2. Like the poster idea and I teach in two different rooms. It is easy to create two of them and leave on counter in room and just change handout at top and have class write on sticky notes. Good ideas on what Qs to ask too.

  3. Saw a suggestion that the poster take on a calendar format-number in each square and each student has a number– to create more accountability for putting the post it on the poster. At a glance you can see who has not yet posted.

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