San Valentin… I heart Infographics!


Ahhh, February… the month of LOVE. Here’s one thing I adore: INFOGRAPHICS!  They add so much to the world language classroom! They report numbers and share data in graphs (math and science connections). They help develop reading comprehension skills and strengthen students’ ability to make inferences (English) and if that isn’t enough, they introduce new vocabulary and give us something to talk about in the target language. Here are a few LOVE-ly ones about Valentine’s Day! Continue reading

Independent Reading Bookmarks


For the first time, I’m teaching an English class for English Learners. It has been interesting seeing how strategies I’ve used in my Spanish classes translate (ha, ha!) to this class. The activity that has really helped me structure the class is a class-opener that I call “Bookmarks,” which is an independent reading activity. I will share how I have used it in my Spanish classes as well.

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